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At Counsel for Hope, we help our clients turn their chaos, pain and confusion into peace, health, and restoration. Our journey can be difficult at times, but it involves lovingly and genuinely looking within ourselves for growth. As we become willing to grow, we can have more hope that our circumstances will change. We believe that our clients can choose to have hope, choose to take action, and choose to step into a more fulfilled life
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We offer counseling and therapy towards the healing and growth through our individual, couples, family, and faith-based therapy.


Everything you need to know about how we can help you achieve personal growth and healing
What can I expect during my therapy sessions?
The first session will be an assessment to discuss your history and reasons for seeking counseling. The majority of the session is spent collecting information about your past, specific experiences, future goals, etc. This visit is also your opportunity to ask your counselor any questions you have about therapy or office policies, work to develop a plan, and begin to build the client-counselor relationship. It is vital to have a positive working relationship with your therapist, one where you feel safe and comfortable opening up. After the first or few sessions, you feel someone else might be a better fit, we are Counsel for Hope are dedicated to helping you find that right person.
I don’t have insurance; can I still make an appointment?
Absolutely! For private pay clients, we do offer a discounted price. A sliding scale or discount may be available to some individuals who experience financial hardship.
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